A Holiday in South Burlington

Jello Biafra’s inimitable voice was first heard delivering the caustic, politically charged lyrics of the seminal San Francisco punk act Dead Kennedys. Since the band’s demise in 1987, Biafra has continued to irritate conservatives and strike fear in the hearts of the religious right with his bold spoken word performances.Jello Biafra was born in Colorado, but moved to California to attend college at UC Santa Cruz. He dropped out after one semester as his attention was claimed by the blossoming San Franciscopunk scene in the late 1970s.He started the Alternative Tentacles record label in 1979 in order to put out records by his controversial band, as well as other acts not welcomed by the mainstream music industry.After running for mayor of San Francisco in 1979 and finishing fourth out of 10 candidates, Biafra has continued to be politically active. He was nominated for candidacy by the Green Party in 2001, but was outvoted by Ralph Nader for the position. The man who claims to “Blow Minds for a Living” will bring his brand of leftist politics to Higher Ground on Feb. 25.One can never know what to expect from a Jello Biafra show, but there is no doubt that he will provide a highly energized and informative performance.As we approach a critical point in our nation’s politics with the approaching presidential elections, Biafra will likely discuss his views concerning the various candidates and our nation’s current political situation. Biafra not only attacks the Bush administration, but also what he sees as corporateminded Democrats.Tickets for the Higher Ground show will be sold for $12 at the door or $10 in advance.