A Letter From The Editor

In Sinclair Lewis’ novel, It Can’t Happen Here, Doremus Jessup, an esteemed newspaper editor from Vermont has a tremendous amount of knowledge about world leaders, sports, politics, religion and social issues allowing him to be a very good editor and perform an invaluable service to his community.

As Editor in Chief next year, I realize that I do not posses a wealth of knowledge like Doremus. To compensate for this I have come to two separate conclusions, which hopefully will allow The Cynic to continue on its current trend towards improvement and respect among the community. Honesty, above all else will be stressed in the paper’s content and dealings with the community next semester.

Honesty in journalism must be the most basic tenet that we follow. Articles must be factual and unbiased. Truth like Elizabeth Cady Stanton said is the only safe ground to stand upon and keeping The Cynic safe and healthy is my primary goal.

Secondly cooperation from the staff, campus organizations, faculty and the administration will be of the utmost importance. With cooperation and help from you we can work to make one of the nations oldest student publications regain a status of high regard.

Understandably truth and cooperation may at times come into conflict with each other because stories will arise that must be told even when some might prefer not.

In order to be truthful these more complex stories have to be told without any spin and I promise to make sure these issues are handled with integrity and concern. Over the past year I have learned a tremendous amount from fellow editors’ successes and failures as well as my own and next year will use these lessons to improve The Cynic.

I look forward to improving The Cynic by working with and for the UVM community in the upcoming year. UVM is on its way to becoming a first rate institution and their is no reason why it shouldn’t have a first rate newspaper.