A modest resolution

The SGA finally addressed the dire issue of the American Red Cross’s blatant disregard of UVM diversity policy, deciding to side instead with the policy of the United States government. The pint of blood from one individual’s donation given during one of these bigoted rallies may be enough to save lives of possibly three people, but can this blood save themselves from their own intolerance? We must take these noble efforts we have organized today and continue our crusade against such intolerance. The next evil organization we must address, however, is so insidious its members are already on your campus, in your classes, and possibly even in your dormitories. I refer of course to that state sponsored clan known simply as the Boy Scouts. We must remove this group and all of its representatives from our ranks or else we are doomed to be converted into their intolerant mindset. The Boy Scouts go past the horror of abiding by the bigotry of the United States government; they force the issue to a level beyond the comprehension of any modern decent individual. As a private institution, they do not allow gay men to be a part of their organization, calling upon their fundamentalist Christian basis for legitimacy. Recruits in this fascist club go down to the youngest ages of childhood, raising these innocent boys into hate mongering men through secluded campfires, hierarchical merit badges and matching blue uniforms with yellow kerchiefs. The ignorance bred by this private institution’s choice to not allow a certain group into their private club forces the University of Vermont to make not only the only logical choice but also a choice vital to its survival: no longer allow any members of the Boy Scouts into any level of the University of Vermont, including students and faculty, and immediately expelling any admitted member of the Boy Scouts from campus. Intolerance will only breed more intolerance, and as a vocal member of this proudly diverse institution I will not tolerate any more intolerance! We must remove these depraved individuals before their fundamentalist mentality infects the good honest community members we have at this school, who recognize that the principle of diversity outweighs all other beliefs or inclinations, whether that is donating blood or learning to tie knots. In the recent ARC Senate debate, freshman Senator Kofi Mensah said that “The passiveness I have seen in this body today has really struck me. I don’t think this senate did what it needed to do to make a change.” I could not agree more Kofi, and I hope to see you by my side as I bring my ban of accepting Boy Scouts into UVM to the attention of not only the senate, but also the global community. For if we do not remove these savages from our community now, who else will we let join in? The Klu Klux Klan? Hamas? Conservatives?Respectfully, Billy Clark class of 2010