A Murderous Spree

February 4, 2003To the editor:How many of us, in our right minds, would wake up one morning and say to our son or daughter: “Here is a gun and an uncertain number of bullets. Go out and murder as many people as you can. Or if someone kills you first and you come home to us in a body bag, we’ll bury you and put a nice little flag on your grave on Memorial Day. If you are just wounded, we’ll put you in a hospital if there’s room and if we have the money after the richest one percent get their tax cuts.You may never have that inner glow of pride that is supposed to come with knowing you went on this murderous spree for ‘God and Country’. You weren’t given much time to think or ask questions (weeks not months) as President Bush warned.If you should use all your bullets and come home physically intact you might get a medal. You might even have the mental capacity to wonder why you were sent out and why you went. You might wonder who all these people you killed were because most of them you never saw or heard. You might even wonder if this was why you were put on this earth.”The big question for those of us in our right minds is: Why, generation after generation are we still doing this? Maybe we just think we’re in our right minds.Winnie PineoUVM consultant and mentorP.O. Box 66South Ryegate, VT 05069802-584-3859