A Real Scream

To the Editor: My Fellow Students, We have all recently been exposed to this new noise ordinance that Burlington has tried to impose to keep college kids quiet. I am sure many of you have been offended by this decision by the City Council to directly target the College Community of our town in attempts to pull even more money from our “already shrunken wallets.” They choose to continue to ignore time after time the contribution that we make to the community both socially and financially. This is our chance to fight back. If they want to continue to assess $1500 noise violations, we should fight every one of them in court. Should we lose our fight in court, we exercise our right to pay the fine in the smallest value of US Currency, “THE PENNY.” Who do you know that would want to count $1500 in pennies during their day of work? That would drive the city officials out of their minds and make them rethink their decision. In closing, don’t let the City Walk All Over us Students. There are too many of us-they can’t ignore us if we use the power of numbers that we possess.Brendan MacKenzieClass of 2004