A Second Club Highlight!?! UVM Crew

So you’ve spent the winter cheering at all of the hockey games and the basketball games, which by the way, congratulations to the men’s basketball team for having such a tremendous season. While the winter teams were busy competing, the UVM Crew Team was busy training and preparing for the upcoming season. Ever since spring break, the crew team has been out on the Lamoille River in Milton practicing and watching the sun come up from the water each morning. Now it is spring, and the race season is finally here after a long, cold winter. No one wants to be stuck in their dorm rooms and spend time inside now that the weather is finally getting nice. If you are looking to get away from UVM for the weekend and you want to spend a little time outside watching something that you have probably never seen or experienced before, then you should gather some friends and come cheer on the UVM Crew Team. So maybe Philadelphia is a little out of your way, but Massachusetts really isn’t that bad of a drive and everyone likes to go on a road trip every now and then, right? It is guaranteed that if for some reason you would travel that far to see a regatta, you wouldn’t be disappointed. The number of schools and the amount of people that come to each regatta to compete or to cheer on their team is extremely overwhelming. The upcoming races for the spring season are listed and should prove to be very successful for the UVM Crew Team. So make an effort to experience something new, see what the crew team is all about, and maybe even get a chance to work on your sun tan a little. 2003 Spring Race Schedule: 4/6 Varsity Men’s 4 vs. Clark, Fairfield, and Bowdoin 1st place 4/12 Knecht Cup, New Jersey Varsity Women’s 4-4th Novice Men’s 4-3rd Novice Men’s 8-petite finals Novice Women’s 8-semi-finals 4/19 Mass Maritime, Lowell MA 4/26 UVM vs. UNH and Colby, Durham, NH Varsity Men’s 4-New England Fours5/3 New England Championships, Worcester, MA 5/9-10 Dad Vail Regatta, Philadelphia, PA For more info about the team, check out our website: www.uvm.edu/~crew Nathan McBryanWe are located in the SGA Club Space in the Billings Student Center. Please feel free to contact us.UVM Crew Office: (802) 656-2056Email Address: [email protected] Have a club you want highlighted? contact [email protected]