Actress Taylor talks shop

Lily Taylor, an actress who has appeared in such films as “Mystic Pizza,” “I shot Andy Warhol,” “High Fidelity,” “Ransom,” “Girl’s Town” and “Short Cuts,” and such television programs as HBO’s “Six Feet Under” spoke Thursday in the Litvak Ballroom.Hosted by the English and FTSprograms, Taylor spent a little over an hour in conversation with FTSProfessor Hilary Neroni. Among other things, Taylor spoke about her career in film and television, the theater and what it was like working with Mel Gib?son and Julia Roberts.Taylor is not a typical star and is famous for her choices to play very intense, moody and unorthodox roles, often in small indepdented films. “I’m a character actor,” she told the crowd in the ballroom. Her partner Nick Flynn, the author of “Another Bullshit Night in Suck City” accompanied her to UVMand read in the John Dewey Lounge after her talk.