After technical difficulties, SGA holds elections

After some technical difficulties, the student body voted to fill eight vacant seats – three on campus and five off-campus – in the Student Government Association senate.Electronic voting, scheduled to occur last Tuesday, was delayed 24 hours due to unexpected problems with the data interface that SGA uses to tally votes. “Rather than re-issuing the email later in the day and shortening the time for voting, the SGA thought it best to delay elections by 24 hours in order to allow all students sufficient time to cast their votes,” Jess Agress, SGA’s office assistant, said.Nine candidates were on the ballot last Wednesday, all of whom were elected except for junior Rick Valenta, an off-campus student who is vice-president of the College Republicans and ran on a platform of fiscal responsibility at the University.Junior Seth Corthell, a former member of SGA, changed his “on-campus” status to “off-campus” shortly before the elections, which virtually guaranteed on campus candidates a spot on the senate. On campus candidate Vasilis Varsakopolous received over 100 more votes than any other candidate. Varsakopolous’s platform included the establishment of a designated training and game field for athletic clubs. 1,086 students voted last Wednesday – about 12 percent of the undergraduate student body. Still, SGA President Kesha Ram, Vice-President DaVaughn Vincent-Bryan, and Secretary of Elections Emma Grady called it an “incredible turnout.”The eight newly-elected senators will be inaugurated at tonight’s SGA meeting, and will be allowed to vote on all resolutions that come before the senate.