Alcoholics Keep Pearl Street Beverage Open During Blizzard

30 mile per hour winds, over two feet of snow, unplowed roads and the opportunity to sleep in did not deter hardened and burgeon-ing alcoholics alike from getting liquored up on Wednesday, Feb. 14. “I imagine this is something like the Oregon Trail,” one booze-hound commented referring to the arduous journey, “except they were trying to reach a new home and I am just trying to get housed.” The die-hard drinkers engi-neered ingenious ways of dealing with the dire environmental con-ditions: once-lazy canines became eager sled dogs hauling kegs on plastic sleds, and one member of the Sporting Club even set up a door-to-door liquor delivery sys-tem on skis. “I just love skiing in luscious powder and helping people out,” Jeffery Talbot said, “and making money while getting blitzed is cool, too.” Many drinkers reported worse-than-usual hangovers, most nota-bly excruciating headaches, due to the excessively bright reflection of the sun on the inordinate