Allen returns, the same wit, with a twist

Lily Allen made an international name for herself in 2006 with her unique brand of pop featuring catchy reggae-like beats and snarky, storytelling lyrics. Three years later, Allen manages to retain the quirky charm that makes her a success; never sugarcoated, sometimes offensive, but always charming, Allen continues to say just what she means on “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” Full of songs to dance to and lines that make you wonder whether or not you’ve heard correctly, she pulls off the sophomore album challenge – by staying true to her voice, while spurning out fresh material. Addressing touchy topics ranging from God on “Him” to politics on “Fuck You” to falsity and drug use on “Everyone’s At It,” Allen tackles more complex subjects than she did on her debut “Alright, Still.”With sass and wit, she delves into personal territory without the drama. Sarcasm and fun pop beats are her vehicle. There’s definitely more of an electronic sound this time around. More polished on “It’s Not Me, It’s You,” Allen is still the bold, cheeky singer she was on her last album, just a bit more mature.