An Interview With The Stella Comedy Group

When I heard the Stella comedy trio was coming to Vermont, I knew what I had to do. Instead of doing ‘that’, I decided to speak with Stella in an effort to better inform myself, and readers of the Vermont Cynic, about a variety of issues pertaining to politics, religion, and sketch comedy. David Wain (left), Michael Ian Black (center), and, Michael Showalter (right), all former members/founders of MTV’s The State.How often do you read the Vermont Cynic?Show: Pretty often…MIB: I’d say on a weekly basis. I’ll go like two weeks-Show: It’s the newspaper I read when I’m taking a poo.MIB: It’s the newspaper I read when I’m taking one of his poos.Devil’s advocate: I don’t think Jeanane Garofolo is funny; describe her selling points.MIB: She’s funny.Wain: She is funny, she’s genius. She’s the conservative spokesperson for our generationShow: She’s a White House mouthpiece.If you could ask Vin Diesel one question, what would it be and why?Show: Dude, how the hell are you doing today?I’m doing fine, could you please answer the question.Show: I’d ask him how many reps he does on his delts. Mike has been working on his delts.MIB: My quads have gone to pot, but my delts are sweet.Wain: I would ask him if he’s bald downstairs too.Hey! I’m an average guy, why should I go see Stella perform?Show: Friendship and nudity.Nudity? I’m an average guy and I like that.MIB: If you’re an average guy who likes strong homosexual undertones, you’ll like it too.Let’s try some word association:War?Wain: WarShow: WarBush?MIB: Scary.Wain: Hairy.Show: Hairy.Abortion?Wain:Uh…uh…legal.MTV?Wain: EmptyFired?Wain: Backdraft.You?Wain: Ewe, e-w-e.What does NASA stand for?Wain: Is that like, if you’re a slave and you have a nasa?Show: No.It stands for Need Another Seven Astronauts. That’s a joke about the shuttle.Wain: Right, right.That joke didn’t go over as well as I thought it would have.Wain: No, it didn’t.Michael Ian Black, You are best known for your work with, true or false?MIB: You didn’t phrase that in the form of a true or false question.Yeah I did.MIB: ‘Are you best known for your work with’, that’s a yes or no question.Actually it’s a true or false question.MIB: You have to rephrase it.Show: You are best known for your work with, true or false?MIB: False, I guess. I don’t think most people know that.I think they do.Wain: Okay, so you have your own answer then?MIB: (laughing in background)Yes, true is the correct answer.Show: You got it wrong, he got it wrong, I got it wrong.MIB: I feel like you knew the answer before you asked the question.No, I actually didn’t. Which is better, youth or experience?Wain: Experience, because you can date old women with ridges on their arms.Ridges on their arms?Wain: You’re too young to understand.You don’t have to personally attack me. I’m only trying to conduct an interview.MIB: I’ll personally attack you. I’ll shove gum down your pants. How’s that? You don’t even know what a true or false question is.What can I expect at the show?Show: A lot of flaccid wiener.Do you have any questions for me?Show: No. You’re the interviewer. (aggressive tone)Wow, okay-MIB: We did not mean that as an attack. You don’t have to yell into the phone.MIB: I think you did an excellent job.Show: We’ve been doing a lot of interviews for this tour, and I think we all agree that this has been our favorite.Wain: Definitely. So from what I could gather from my interview with Stella, Michael Ian Black believes George Bush is awful, Michael Showalter is a racist who hates astronauts, David Wain wants to light an ewe on fire, and all three of them want to punch babies in their faces. Needless to say they represent the ‘new’ avant garde in the world of sketch comedy; a brand of sketch comedy so offensive and underhanded as to leave its viewers in a state of ‘shock and awe’.