Applicant Pool Biggest in 15 Years

Applications to the University of Vermont have increased 7 percent to 10,300, a 15-year high, according to statistics just released by the Office of Admissions. The increase came on top of the 18 percent rise in applications the university saw last year. “The word is getting out that the University of Vermont offers an attractive combination of high quality academics and a good student experience set in a terrific location,” said Don Honeman, director of admissions and financial aid. The quality of the applications also rose, Honeman said. SAT scores increased 17 points overall, with out-of-state scores rising an average 14 points and in-state scores jumping an average 29 points. “Bright Vermont students who might not have considered UVM in the past have gotten the message that they can do very well for themselves here,” Honeman said. The news was also positive on the diversity front. Applications from students of color increased 13.5 percent from 586 to 665. The university will mail decision letters in mid-March. -Press Release