Asbestos rumors fill campus; laid to rest

As recent rumors of asbestos in certain academic buildings circulated around campus, students were left to wonder if they were actually in danger or if the rumor mill was just grinding its gears.

 Safety programs manager Vince Brennan said that there is asbestos in some materials in the Rowell building but that it is in tact and therefore poses no threat to the occupants.

 “If there is some work that you are planning [that would] disturb the building materials, we would need to evaluate the work that is planned and the impact on the Asbestos Containing Materials,” Brennan said.

 Junior Christian Dowd said he first heard that there was asbestos in some of the buildings on campus from another student.

“[The student] said she has a class cancelled in Rowell because of an [asbestos outbreak],” Dowd said. “I get anxious in my Rowell classes now.”

Although the asbestos present in Rowell is currently stable, junior Kristin Tedeschi said she still feels uncomfortable that the substance is present at all. 

“Considering I have two classes in the building three days a week, it is very concerning,” she said. “It is just suspicious that the school has not notified any students, it’s something I believe we should be informed about, especially if we spend time there.”