Ask Dr. Love

Dear Dr. Love, I have been seeing this guy for a couple of weeks now. Last night he sat me down and said that he wanted me to be his girlfriend, except for one thing . . . he said that I needed to work on my “technique.” I was so insulted that I just walked out of the room. Was I overreacting? Could I really be that bad? I have never had any complaints before! What should I do about this one?-Dissed in DavisDear Dissed in Davis, No matter what this guy says, you have not done anything wrong! He obviously has a few things to learn about women, and telling you to work on your “technique” certainly shouldn’t win you over. You did not overreact in the least. Unless this guy is Mister Perfect (i.e., trust fund of 2 million dollars, Brad Pitt gorgeous, Porsche driving, villa in Italy owning, sugar daddy), he has no right to make you doubt yourself! And remember, if your skills are that bad, he wouldn’t waste his time on you. Despite the UVM guy situation, you can do better! Good luck with this one. Dear Dr. Love, I had a steady boyfriend all through high school and very strict parents! I am now a freshman at UVM, and have just gone wild! I slept with five guys last semester. It was just good fun for me and I used protection. But my friends have been making me feel bad about it. Does this really make me a slut? -Horny in HarrisDear Horny in Harris, First of all, I commend you for using protection. Second, I know a lot of people who went wild once they hit college, so you are not alone. While I would not recommend making it a habit to nail five guys a semester, you probably needed to get this out of your system. Don’t worry about what your friends think. Although they might worry about you, true friends would never judge you. Another way to alleviate some of this pressure is to keep these kind of things to yourself. Good luck with this one.