Ask Dr. Schmynic

Dr. Schmynic is here to solve all your important problems that you’re afraid to ask your parents, your RA, and your friends. Don’t worry your secret is safe with us. Dear Dr. Schmynic: I have a problem, and I don’t know what to do. So, you know how they talk about the “freshman 15?” Well, I’m currently fighting the battle of the bulge myself and have renamed the painful first year experience the “freshman 40.” I used to play sports in high school but I’ve fallen out of the sports loop since Genny and Natty came into my life. I don’t like “working out,” so how can I get involved again and welcome back my old svelte self? – The Bulge in Buckham Dear Bulge in Buckham, Well, luckily enough for you, here at UVM we have a great recreation program that is available to all UVM affiliates. There is a plethora of different sports offered for the enjoyment of you and yours. Right now, in the Intramural Sports program basketball and hockey are in full swing, and there is a volleyball tournament coming up. All of this information is online at the Rec Sports web page: . So there are all sorts of things for you to get involved in, but make sure you don’t forget that when you do it, do it for you…..not for some sick obsession with looking like an Abercrombie model. – Dr. Schmynic