AiresThis is a high energy, competitive sign. Take a kick-boxing class or start playing broomball with Rec. sportsVirgoThis sign tends to be a very healthy eater. Avoid the temptation of gross dorm food and keep it up!TaurusSince you typically have a low metabolism, it’s important for Taurus to stay active. Go on some fall and winter hikes with the Outing Club.ScorpioScorpios have a tendency to get stressed so unwind at the gym. Try solitary forms or workin’ out, like the Stairmaster or yoga.SagittariusThis is a sign that would really enjoy weight lifting or rock climbing. Check out the wall at the gym!PiscesThis sign gains weight very easily so try to keep active by rowing or canoeing on Lake Champlain before it gets too cold.LibraJoin a doubles tennis or squash team. Social Libras like to exercise with other people. Just don’t get too chatty and forget to work out!LeoLeos usually like working out to music. Grab headphones and hit the gym. While you’re there, strengthen your spine and back- Leos usually have back problems.GeminiGemini is never really a healthy eater but too much pizza and chips can get old after a while. Munch on apples and pretzels when you feel the urge to snack.CapricornYou are such a self-disciplined sign; once you start an exercise regime, you stick with it. But don’t forget to unwind once and while too, like taking a long, solitary walk.CancerCancers are usually pretty lazy and detest the mere thought of sweating. But try water sports, like doing some laps in the UVM pool.AquariusThese are very active people who will try any cool new type of exercise regime. Think of joining the Karate or Aikido club.