At it Again

A recent BBC report featured an Oklahoma school sex education class. Without too much surprise their idea of sex education was to simply teach abstinence as the ‘right’ way to have safe sex. However, I was shocked to find that they also taught students that condoms really didn’t make sex any safer and were prone to failure. This, in addition to the Catholic Church’s ignorant claim that condoms do not prevent the transfer of AIDS terrifies me. Both the number of cases and the rate of increase of cases of AIDS have been on a steady rise worldwide. I am not saying abstinence is wrong or unsafe, instead I say that it is a personal (and hopefully informed) choice that should be made by the individual and should not be left up to schools to claim it as the right and only choice. On a parting note, while low income families were not given a tax break, President Bush signed a bill giving $117 million dollars to schools that teach “Abstinence Only” Programs. Good to know people are starving while they are being taught not to have sex. Don’t take my word on it though, check it for yourself.