Bacteria infects Harris residents

Bacterial abscesses that have infected four residents of the Harris 3 Low Residence Hall, leading to doctor’s visits and an intense scrubbing of the floor’s bathrooms, have students concerned. Freshman Lindsay Harhen, a resident of Harris 3 Low, was one of the students infected. “The doctor said it was a common bacteria found in unsanitary bathrooms,” she said. “My abscess was really small,” Harhen said, “it’s just a lump under my arm.” But she said that two other students infected with the bacteria developed abscesses on their throats, which had to be drained. The bacteria is localized on Harris 3 Low, as the only known infections have been among students of that floor. Freshman Stacy Venditti, was outraged to see residents of her floor become infected because of what she said are unsanitary bathrooms. “It started with the housecleaners not cleaning our bathroom for five days. Then Lindsay noticed she had a bump under her arm, then another friend went to the doctor for an abscess, then another girl got two bumps in her throat and she had to have them drained. She might have to get her tonsils out because of it. “It has spread not only to two girl’s bathrooms, but also to a boy’s bathroom. It’s like an epidemic on our floor. It’s only on 3 Low and it’s not on [Harris 3] High. You go into the showers and you don’t even want to touch the wall.”Citing Colby Eck’s naked attacks, which also occurred on Harris 3 Low, Venditti said, “We are not happy campers on that floor, I’m not gonna lie.”Harris 3 Low R.A. Alex Cruz said, “It’s really not that exciting,” but was unable to release any information about the incident. Harris-Millis Residence Director Chris Fiorello said, “My policy is that I don’t give quotes to the Cynic. Period.” He cited the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as his reasons for not speaking. FERPA is a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records, according to Fiorello. Estelle Maartmann-Moe, director of the Center for Health and Well Being, said there is nothing to worry about in regards the infections. “As far as we can tell, there is no outbreak going on,” she said. “Probably these four student infections are not related.” “This time of year, it’s midterms, people are stressed, they are not getting enough sleep, they are probably not taking as good of care of themselves, so people are more prone to infections. But they did go back in there and clean the bathrooms super-special.”Maartmann-Moe advised that students take extra care in washing themselves, watching cuts and taking care of their general hygiene to prevent infection