Bailey Howe Considers Renovations

  Students who are concerned with the current conditions at Bailey/Howe may soon be in luck. University of Vermont Libraries and Campus Planning is teaming up with Shepley Bulfinch, an architectural firm from Boston, to create a master plan for the possible renovations and new learning commons at Bailey/Howe Library, according to a press release. Before construction begins, the team wants to find out what the people who use the library on a regular basis want to see in the master plan, or who will use the library on a regular basis in the future, Mara Saule, dean of library and information services, said. “We don’t want to assume what people want from the renovations, so we are reaching out and asking,” Selene Colburn, assistant to the dean, said. Saule said that the school has been recently trying to do some small renovations in Bailey/Howe. Last year, approximately 175 plugs were added to the library as a gift from the senior class of 2011. Recently there have been forums held for graduate and undergraduate students to find out what they want to see happen at Bailey/Howe. “This facility is not about what we want, but what everyone else on campus wants,” Saule said. The renovators are trying to address past complaints about the building not meeting the needs of faculty and students as we enter a new age of technology, according to the forum. Some students said that they are currently finding difficulties studying at the library. “I would like to see more open space to work at and more outlets,” sophomore Conner Daley said, “but at the same time it would be nice to have a sense of seclusion when I work.” Other students put forth ideas such as adding study rooms with chalkboards, creating more window space, keeping the cyber cafe open later, improving the bathrooms and adding more color to the library. More ideas shared included installing more outlets, possibly adding a computer depot, hiring more staff and organizing the printers in a way that is easier to navigate. There will be more open forums held later this semester for students to share their ideas. Students interested in voicing their opinions can contact the library staff at [email protected].