Banff Film Festival Screening at CC Theater

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is the largest of its kind, and is currently in its 27th year of operation. The CC theater played host to three showings of this internationally renowed festival and was filled to capacity for each. The Banff Film Festival reviews hundreds of mountain films and selects a handful for various awards and distinctions. Following the festival itself, which takes place in November each year, a selection of exceptional entries hit the road on tours across the globe. For eleven months various crews take the entries to locales in 26 countries. Locally the UVM Outing Club hosts the event with sponsorship from the SkiRack, and Petra Climbing. Films varied from a short based on a disabled skier to a documentary-length piece on two Brits who travelled to the heart of Papau New Guinea to climb a previously unclimbed face of the largest peak on the island. The latter told of a journey through the cannibalistic heart of a nearly untouchedjungle. Braving flesh deterioration and man-eaters alike, the pair of unlikely heroes climbed their way to the 15,000+ foot peak. Mountain films, aside from their common interest in things elevated, are immensely diverse and inspiring. Banff provides these films with a tremendous oppurtunity to have them showcased.