Being Right Isn’t Always Wrong

To the Editor:

Throw out this paper – a “big bad member of the UVM Radical Right” is writing. Consequently, I’ll probably get threatened by Keith Rosenthal and get a complaint sent in by another ISO member that I am an evil capitalist.

Maybe you’ll even see a picture of me smiling next to dying babies? Should I plaster a picture of Rosenthal next to the mass graves of the Soviet Union all in free speech?

I don’t want to be unfair to the left. I’ll give each organization equal time.

Next up, the College Democrats! Some groups take stances; the Democrats instead focus on cartoons of the Bush Administration as the front of their web page. Democrats accuse Republicans of coming to Vermont to buy votes in a grassroots state.

Did Jeb Spaulding get money from the state? Didn’t our “future governor” Doug Racine say we shouldn’t play dirty politics?

How about the bias of restricting someone’s free speech?

People don’t think Russel Henderson has any right to voice his views. Somebody brings up a controversial issue from the right and is called a racist.

If the left brings a minority speaker and the right criticizes him/her it’s called racism.

If the right brings a minority speaker and the left criticizes him/her its called multiculturalism. Who’s close-minded?

Bob Fulton
Class of 2004