Best fit jean

The Cynic went in search of the perfect men’s jean, and who would know better than the men themselves! Here’s what we found.Style 1Sebastian Torres, a freshman, says he would never be caught around campus in ripped jeans. He’s looking casual yet trendy in a pair of grey slim jeans which he found at Urban Outfitters for fifty dollars. He likes this style so much (what he describes at slim, but not skinny) that he has this exact jean in blue, black and dark grey denim as well. Sebastian actually buys these skinny jeans one size too big to get the style and fit that he wants.Style 2Max Fein is a senior here at UVM and has been wearing these worn pair of Calvin Klein jeans for three years now. The jeans are thin and loose from constant wear, but that’s how Max says he likes them. Because of his tall frame, he says it’s hard to find jeans that are long enough, but these do the trick. They fit so well that he actually has four pairs of them. These jeans Max picked up for $35, and they seem like they’ve been a good investment.Style 3Andrew Laprade, a sophomore, is willing to spend a little more for his jeans to be the perfect fit. Here he’s featured in a pair from Abercrombie and Fitch, costing him $80. Andrew prefers dark wash jeans, but a lighter wash is more appropri?ate for the daytime he says. Right now Andrew is rotating five pairs of jeans in his closet, all of which are on the slimmer side, as the baggy jean isn’t really his look.Style 4Dave Schlansky, senior, feels that comfort is a top priority when jean shopping. He picked up his light wash jeans at Old Navy for $25, and has had them for about two weeks. They’re loose, but not too baggy, exactly how he likes his jeans to fit. Dave has three pairs of jeans, and decided that once a pair of jeans is ripped, that they’re no longer in his line up of jeans.