Bite Me is worth the long walk

For college students, there is no greater news than the opening of a new pizza place. In Vermont, an organic pizza place is even better news. Bite Me, located on the corner of St. Paul and Howard streets offers original pies loaded up with locally produced organic toppings. Bite Me operates with only three people: a cashier, a server and Chef Roberto Seals who churns out every pizza at surprising speed (think 15 minutes from the order to the first bite). The pizzas range in price from $15.75 to $21, but not in size. They do sell slices, which vary in price depending on the toppings. Bite Me doesn’t accept Cat$cratch, which may be a drawback to one trying to guard their bank account.While some of the pizzas offered have meat on them, Bite Me’s selection of 19 different pies are labeled clearly per dietary properties: skull and crossbones inform you that “happy animals gave their lives” and a crossed out walking human, states “Vegetarians with a clear conscience”.While the restaurant lacks a bath?room, (which may be needed before the 25-minute walk back up to cam?pus or the 15-minute walk downtown) they do have lots of delicious garnishes to be sampled: honey or local Vermont syrup to spread along the crust, black sesame seeds, or Sriracha hot sauce to spice up a slice, along with the usual pizza condiments. One pizza that is labeled with a small gas mask, which explicitly states “Not a date pie!” named for Alan Newman, the founder of Magic Hat, who also happenes to be a garlic enthusiast, features garlic prepared four different ways to truly get the full range of flavors that garlic has to offer. While tables are offered while waiting, the two tables and picnic benches aren’t conducive for a dining-out experience as the seasons change. Unlike the local organic pizza staple American Flatbread, Bite Me isn’t going for the sit-down crowd so much as the grab-pizza-and-run crowd. This type of joint is needed, considering not everyone wants to sit down to impress as may be done at Flatbread, where cost also often leaves one with a lighter wallet. Bite Me’s pizzas have fulfilled one major requirement of pizza-lovers: plenty of cheese – even the fancy fresh mozzarella was laid thick. By providing quality food that will fill up stomachs for a price that can be split economically, Bite Me could be called a grade “A” pizza for university students, if it were closer. Bite Me plans on having its delivery service running by the time Ver?mont’s winter weather hits, so while it is still mild it’s worth a nice walk down to experience the joys of the pie.