Blustery Winds Deface The Royal Tyler Theatre

Last Friday, the Winds were ripping across the UVM campus at an alarming speed, the force of which was so great that the center window of the Royal Tyler Theater was blown from its sill and shattered within the building. The Window, which fell at 11:30 am, is destroyed beyond repair and a replacement will be required to fill the hole.

The UVM Physical Plant employees have estimated that a replacement window will cost at least $8,000 because the window requires an intricate web of wooden frames and cut glass to match the other windows of the Theater. Any replacement will have to be a custom made piece and can be expected to run a large bill.

On Friday afternoon the Physical plant was cutting pieces of plywood and raising them to the elevation of the windowsill, where the wood was installed as a temporary fix. Because the window frame and the glass pieces must all be made specifically for this job, it is likely that a new window will not be installed for some time to come.