Board served

  University trustees may have received a not-so-pleasant surprise when they checked their inbox on Oct. 20.   Faculty in the School of Engineering met that day to discuss and approve an email that was sent to the Board, which was a brief statement expressing their dissatisfaction with the trustee’s actions.   “Because of both past and recent decisions that are not in the best interest of the University of Vermont, the faculty of the School of Engineering at UVM no longer have confidence in the current Board of Trustees,” the email stated.   Nancy Hayden, associate professor and program head of the college of engineering, expressed her and her colleague’s frustration with the administration.   “In regards to the Strategic Initiative Project (SIP), the academic programs have been evaluated, re-evaluated and reduced to death,” she said. “It’s time to start evaluating and reducing the bloated administration.”   A Burlington Free Press blog also reported that the faculty’s resolution to send the email “passed by plurality with 10 in favor, seven opposed and four abstaining.”   “We asked Robert Cioffi [Chairman of the Board] if he’d seen the email, and he said he had,” the blog stated. “He had no comment, other than to point out that the vote was taken by the engineering department, not the college as a whole.”   Hayden did not seem to share his sentiment.   “The Board of Trustees is encouraging and promoting the corporate values and practices going on at UVM,” she said. “That is why they need to be held accountable, and that is why many faculty are mad.”