Bramley joins UVM in transition

UVM has a new interim president. Dr. A. John Bramley has been appointed to the position of Interim President of the University of Vermont, according to Board of Trustees Chair Robert Cioffi. President Bramley will serve the position until July 2012 and will not be considered in the Trustees search for a permanent President, according to University Communications. “Although I did not seek the position, I care deeply about this institution and concluded that it was my responsibility to serve at this extraordinary time in our history,” Bramley said. When asked about his plans for his year in office, he said his main goal is to keep UVM in a period of growth. “There’s going to be a new president coming in,” Bramley said. “But I think that I can probably help get stuff in good shape in the next few months to help that person hit the ground running.” He said one of his concerns with UVM is the media and public’s perception of the University. “We have a great student body and I get frustrated by the inability to communicate what a great place this is and all the great things that happen here,” Bramley said. Part of solving that problem, Bramley said, is to hear everyone’s voice when deciding on key issues. “We need to have a dialogue with various parts of the institution,” he said. “The next president needs to understand that collectively we are more powerful.” Bramley has had an extensive history at UVM, serving a variety of positions. Originally from the United Kingdom, Bramley came to UVM and served as the chair of the animal sciences department, dean of college of agriculture and Life Sciences, and provost, spanning a period from 1990 to 2006. He also served as acting president for a brief period when former president Fogel fell ill. “It was really a short period of time,” Bramley said. “Dan recovered and was back by September. I think I gave a convocation speech and that was about it. This is a little bit longer period of time.” After leaving UVM, Bramley joined the Windham Foundation, serving as CEO from 2007 to 2011.  “I was pretty much set to go to retirement from that,” Bramley said. “Then, Dan, he decided he needed to step down a year before that. And here I am.” Some students said they hope Bramley can keep UVM’s momentum going while a new president is found. “Once the new president starts, there is going to be a big transition,” junior Nathan Somerville said. “I hope Bramley can make that transition easier.”