Burlington family fears student

What started out as a festive holiday weekend quickly turned to tragedy for one Burlington family when a reportedly drunken UVM sophomore attempted to break into their home. At 1:17 a.m. on Oct. 27, police rushed to 300 South Union Street after receiving a phone call from resident MaryAnn Licktcig who said, “that an intoxicated college student had put his foot through the door,” according to the police report. Arriving on the scene, police found UVM Junior Michael Long with his foot in the front door window and Licktcig’s husband, Joseph Hasselbach, bleeding from cuts on his hand and foot, the report stated. Hasselbach said he first heard glass shattering, and after checking on his children, ran downstairs to find Long outside the front door, the report stated. Hasselbach demanded that Long leave the premise. Long replied by kicking his left foot through the glass door. Hasselbach latched onto Long’s leg to keep him at bay. Meanwhile, Licktcig, after hearing the crash, grabbed her two oldest children, leaving her one year old twins in their nursery, the report stated. Locking herself in the bathroom with the two children, Licktcig refused to come out until a thorough check of the house was completed. Police found a pumpkin lying on the living room couch admist a scattering of glass strewn about the room. Adjacent to this, the living room window was broken, the report stated. An assessment of Hasselbach’s cuts by the fire department concluded that he would probably need stitches, the report stated. Long’s injuries were not serious. Four full cans of beer were found in Long’s backpack, and he was reported to have a blood alcohol content level of .284%. When asked why Long had entered the property, Burlington Police Sgt. Donald Lilja said, “I would assume he thought it was his house, a buddy’s, or maybe a party was going on.” According to the report, damages have been estimated at over $1000. Long was charged with unlawful trespassing, unlawful mischief, and simple assault, the report stated. He was also issued a Vermont municipal ticket for being a minor in possession of alcohol.