Burlington Named a Top Ten College Town With Best Food

It appears as though the rest of the nation is finally discovering what UVM students have always known – Burlington is a gastronome’s paradise.    The Huffington Posthas placed Burlington at number 6 on its”10 College Towns With The Best Food” rankings.    In the quest for finding colleges with a “reliably delectable culinary scene,” the Huffington Post blogged about the finer points of Burlington’s food scene, giving special attention to local favorites like American Flatbread, Red Onion and the Penny Cluse Café.    Burlington is in good company on the list, joining well-established college towns like Berkeley, Ann Arbor, Princeton and Chapel Hill for the top rankings.    While a simple walk down Church Street will reveal plenty of delicious options, the sheer variety is what caught the attention of the online magazine, according to the article.   The downtown area has everything from national chains like Boloco, Ben & Jerry’s and Bruegger’s to Burlington’s own Asiana Noodle Shop, Three Tomatoes, Trattoria Delia, Magnolia Bistro and more.     “It’s pretty amazing, actually,” junior Justin Karwatowski said. “There are so many great places to eat downtown. You can find pretty much everything…except decent Chinese food.”    “Three Tomatoes is incredible but pricey,” first-year Morgan Dewey said. “Good place to take visitors who are willing to pay for you.”    Junior James Bentil said he had “no complaints. I love it all.”    Breakfast is in a class of it’s own. Students can wander down to the Skinny Pancake, Henry’s Diner and Mirabelle’s Cafe for the most important meal of the day, the article stated.   Coffee carts and cafés are also a mainstay on the Burlington scene, with enough options like Uncommon Grounds, Radio Bean and Speeder and Earl’s.   “It’s nice to leave campus for a while to grab a bite to eat” first-year Monica Johnson said. “I think it’s worth it to make the trip downtown – and you can always take the bus when the weather isn’t cooperating.”    Some, however, think the Burlington dining experience still leaves some things to be desired. Karwatowski, like some of the other students interviewed, said “a lot of the great places downtown are a little expensive for the average college student.”    In that case, there’s always Parent’s Weekend.