Burlington PD stepsup

Burlington’s Police Department has come under the media spotlight with their nationally watched investigation of the Michelle Gardner-Quinn homicide. Police Chief Tom Tremblay had some feelings to share about the impact of this case on Burlington and the job that the Burlington Police Department has done responding to the Gardner-Quinn homicide.The Burlington Police Department first became involved in the case when Gardner-Quinn’s parents reported their daughter missing when she failed to show up for breakfast. The first objective for the Police was to return Quinn to a safe environment unharmed and then determined whether criminal conduct occurred. Tremblay said that the now charged suspect Brian Rooney was first contacted by the Police Department on Oct. 7. “It was immediately very suspicious to us” said Tremblay.Tremblay noted that while the case was handled as all missing person cases are supposed to, the presence of the national media added a new level of complexity to an already complex investigation. “The national media attention did not drive the case any more, but instead added a lot more work and levels of communication,” Tremblay said. However, Tremblay states that, “I could not be more proud of the men and women in the Burlington Police Department.”Many students are commenting on the exemplary job the Police has done in investigating the Gardner-Quinn homicide.”They have been doing a great job,” freshmen Jessica Papeika said. “Everybody was working so hard, I had to order officers to go home and get rest” Chief Tremblay said. He further comments that everybody in Burlington was really at their best, and the Burlington Police Department was working at full capacity.Students and parents have been wondering about the safety in Burlington and on the University of Vermont campus in light of the disappearance of Michelle Gardner-Quinn. “Burlington is a safe town,” says Tremblay.Tremblay believes that Gardner Quinn’s father described the safety of Burlington best when he said that, “Michelle really loved Burlington and Vermont, and though this crime happened here, I still view Burlington as a wonderful city.”However, there are steps for students in Burlington residents to increase their levels of safety. “The first step for students is to understand that crime can occur anywhere, and then it’s important to make sure of surroundings,” Tremblay said.According to Tremblay this case also illustrates the reality of how violence against women in our society is a significant problem. “I learned very early on that no matter where you are you are not safe if you are a woman,” junior Caroll Spelke said. “We must ask why men commit violent acts instead of why women walk alone at night, everybody ought to be free to walk alone at night” Tremblay said. Tremblay finally said that, “The University of Vermont has been spectacular from President Fogel right on down through the University organization to the student leaders. What the University has shown has been special. Everybody reached out. It’s what makes the University a special place.”