Busdriver’s Latest in Driven

Upon releasing his fifth album, L.A. rapper Busdriver has further broken hip-hop boundaries by mixing various musical styles to create twelve completely unique tracks.Busdriver’s famous energy-driven speed raps have easily elatable lyrics with peculiar word combinations and rhymes that are stunning. He dives right into the album with the catchy upbeat first track “CastingAgents and Cowgirls.” To stick “RoadKill Overcoat” into one particular genre would be impossible.Some tracks have a sound gravitating toward indie, such as “Dream Catcher’s Mitt,” on which Busdriver sings to acoustic guitarlayered with percussion and trippy sound effects.”The Troglodyte Wins” also takes on a slow, heavy beat and features samples of distorted vocals all of which create a beautiful pop-ish track.Other songs reflect a trancy, techno hip-hop style and synchronize perfectly with the rap aristocrat’s vocals; his voice is truly instrumental. The album offersa colorful variety for any type of listener, but maintains unity track after track with an electricity in a way only Busdriver can incite. I find myself at a loss for words to portray how worthwhile “Road-Kill Overcoat” is. Whatever it is,that rush, feeling or need to replay a song – that intuition that lures one in – “RoadKill Overcoat” fulfills.