Bush Bashing

To the Editor, I don’t think that it is any one person’s job to insult our President. I couldn’t even fathom the amount of responsibility that he has by being in charge of an entire country. Every other sentence coming from anti-Bush protestors is that he shouldn’t have gone to war. But what other option did we have? Our next best option would be to go to Afghanistan and ask them nicely to please not fly planes into our buildings, and that we would really appreciate it. How else can you retaliate without violence to an attack on the United States? War is never the answer anyone wants to hear, but if we want to remain living in this country as we know it, I think Bush is doing a pretty good job managing the lives of the United States of America. If someone else has a better idea as to how we should manage terrorist attacks then there is a presidential election coming up very soon and I would certainly like to hear from them. Erica GawrysClass of 2007This is part of a class, and I was wondering if it would be possible for me to get some notification to whether or not it was going to be published. Thanks so much.