Bush League: My favorite Super Bowl Moments

We’re fast approaching the most exciting – and bittersweet – Sunday of the year: Super Bowl Sunday, baby! (Anytime I channel Dick Vitale, you know I’m excited.)While this is unfortunately the final football Sunday for the next eight months – the Pro Bowl does not count – we at least get one final hoorah with what has now become a national holiday.I actually get the day off from both of my jobs – this one included – because of the Super Bowl. This is remarkable because I didn’t even get the Fourth of July off.What a country!Anyway, one of my favorite parts of the week leading up to the Super Bowl is that The Network (that’s the NFL Network for non-fans) replays every Super Bowl in its entirety over a span of seven days.I’m a huge fan of nostalgia – HUGE – and these Super Bowl re-airings allow me to annually re-embrace my favorite moments in the 43-year history of the game.And because I get to write a column for a newspaper, naturally, I have to share these moments with you. Super Bowl XXXI: Green Bay 35, New England 21After a day-long pilgrimage with my Dad around the state, we watched our team defeat the rest of the state’s team in exciting fashion. My favorite moment? After New England pulls within a touchdown, Desmond Howard threads the entire Patriots’ special teams unit to seal the deal for the Pack and the Lombardi Trophy returns home to Titletown.Unfortunately, I was nine and became inclined to believe that my team would win every year. Obviously, this has not panned out.Super Bowl XXXVI: Pats find redemption after 9/11Five years later, I found myself rooting for the underdog Pats against The Greatest Show on Turf. This was just five months after 9/11 and America was still in this Patriotic trance, myself included.I watched at the edge of my seat for three hours straight – I literally had no fingernails left to bite by the fourth quarter. When the Rams tied the game late in the fourth, I remember thinking it was over.Then a funny thing happened. Tom Brady and his band of overachievers kept pushing down the field – despite John Madden nay-saying them the whole drive – concluding in one of the most dramatic sports moments ever: Vinatieri’s kick.A perfect ending – a team called the Patriots winning in a year when we were all feeling Patriotic – and after an eight-year hiatus, we’re starting to get that old feeling again.Pats 20, Rams 17.Super Bowl XXXIX: The first Super Bowl I was intoxicated for.Actually, that’s pretty much it. Pats 24, Eagles 21. Whatever.Super Bowl XL: The first Super Bowl I ever fell asleep during.Yup, that’s about it too. Steelers 21, Seahawks 10. Awful.Super Bowl XXXIV: One yard shortMy two favorite Super Bowl plays were the final two plays of this game. Steve McNair scrambles, scrambles, continues scrambling, is nearly sacked, runs twenty yards behind the line of scrimmage and miraculously finds a receiver at the 10 with just seconds remaining in the game.We all know the next play – Dyson gets to the one-yard line before being stopped by Mike Jones – not the rapper. Ballgame. Rams 23, Titans 16.Let’s hope we see another one like this on Sunday.Cheers, football fans – it’s been one hell of a season.