Busted Blirp It updated

Students may not have time to wait for a bus they aren?t certain is coming.Recently, in an effort to revamp Blirp It by improving its operations and reliability, founders Mike Fogg and Nick Godin were unable to update the app, leaving students confused and negligent of its service.?I only used it once and it didn?t give me bus times,? sophomore Trevor Ogden said.Although the problems with the app have been resolved, students remain unaware that Blirp It is fixed, Fogg said.?I think it would be extremely convenient if it worked,? junior Devon Farr said.Fogg said he regrets the inevitable neglect of the old version in their reconstruction and introduction to a new and improved app.?During the transition from our old system to our current one some issues came up that we did not see until we were already live and moved over,? Fogg said.Although it seems that the app had long been out of commission, the frustration from students has not been in vain.Fogg and Godin worked tirelessly to restart the newly upgraded app, with renovated and fresh ideas including the ability to see bus schedules more easily.In 2009, Fogg and Godin introduced Blirp It to UVM in an effort to make life simpler.?I can?t tell you how many times I sat looking out the window for the late night bus to pull up before sprinting out,? Fogg said. ?Nick and I started brainstorming various ways we can make our lives a little easier and thought, why don?t they show where the buses are on a map??By simply sending a text message ?blirpit uvm? to the number 368266, the sender will receive specific times the bus will arrive to designated stops on campus.New benefits are on the way as well, Fogg said. He and Godin continue to work on new features for the app that are forecasted to debut in the future.?We are working now to build in the ability to view bus schedules right from the app so students can find out when the bus is supposed to be active,? Fogg said.Plans also include a GPS locating system that will track users? phones, he said.?The app will soon be able to determine where you are, and, using that information, figure out the closest stop to you for your specific route,? Fogg said.Fogg said he is continuing to expand Blirp It by reaching out to new people and places.?We?ve focused on building it in a way that will let us grow and create new features with complete control over how the data is managed in the background,? he said.Now that the app has been updated, Fogg expressed his excitement for the text messages it has started to receive.?In the month of February, Blirp It sent out over 135,000 text messages to students at UVM,? Fogg said. ?We were very excited to see those numbers.?Some students are beginning to rediscover Blirp It, while others who previously held no faith in the app may try it again.?I?d give it another shot,? Ogden said.Fogg encourages students to try out the new app now that updates have been made. For more information and updates, students can follow Blirp It on Twitter at @blirpit. ?