Candidates gun for the top spot

Next semester, “Sincerely, Kofi Mensah” will no longer end the weekly e-mails from the Student Government Association president. Two SGA senators have officially announced their intent to run for SGA president by signing out campaign packets, as of Feb. 22. “The three people who have currently signed out packages are Mike White and Aliza Lederer-Plasket for president and Will Vitagliano for vice president,” Claire Chevrier, elections chair and speaker of the senate, said at Feb. 22’s meeting. Though White and Lederer-Plasket have created separate campaign platforms, both have said they want to improve environmental responsibility on campus. Each candidate has expressed a different idea on how this goal should be accomplished. While White said that improving the bike infrastructure and banning bottled water on campus would be the appropriate first steps, Lederer-Plasket said that switching to tubeless toilet paper rolls makes the most sense. “We have very different views,” she said. White said his campaign is focused on issues such as late-night dining, enforcing the rule that cigarettes cannot being smoked within 25 feet of a building and revamping the Coca-Cola contract. Increasing administrative accountability and getting better parking options available for commuter students are some of the topics Lederer-Plasket said she plans on addressing. “I think I’m more concerned with the student voice,” she said. “It all comes down to making the student voice the top priority.” White said though Lederer-Plasket is passionate about her work, he does not believe she would best represent student’s opinions. “When she picks up a project she gives it her all,” he said. “She also tends to heavily favor her own projects versus the wants of the student body.” Campaign platforms aside, SGA Vice President David Maciewicz said he feels that there would be problems with both candidates. “While I have a tremendous amount of respect for both candidates, I worry about their inexperience and levelheadedness for such a demanding job,” Maciewicz said. “There will definitely be a steep learning curve for whoever wins.” SGA has its executive elections held March 23-24, according to the SGA website.