I don’t know about the rest of you, but I like my presidential candidate to have a little spunk in his step, a little tenacity, policies that make sense and some snappy catch phrases and flare thrown in the mix.I also like him/her to look good in a bikini.Which is why I’ll be voting for Paris Hilton come November. I’m sure you’ve seen her ad.Now, before you belittle my political know-how, just hear me out on this one, because both major party candidates have issues with their issues and so far neither candidate has won my adoration enough to make me even think of voting for them. The biggest issue lately is their choices for their VP’s. Both candidates’ choices in this regard call into question their decision-making abilities and bolsters my doubts about voting for them.McCain’s choice of Sarah Palin was perhaps the worse political move he has ever made in his near spotless career. McCain has always boasted that he is a conservative, family values politician who is against big government or personal agendas, which is very admirable. However, what is not admirable was how he berated Obama for being too under-qualified for the job and went on to justify his statement by choosing a relatively unheard of first-term governor from Alaska.Not only is Palin under-qualified for the position, but she is also the focus of an FBI investigation stemming from money she received in her 2002 lieutenant governor bid, which led to the indictment of Senator Ted Stevens. On top of the Federal investigation, the Alaskan legislature is investigating her on charges of abuse of power because she attempted to fire ex-brother-in-law Alaskan State Trooper, for personal rather than professional reasons.Why would we vote for someone like this after the illicit abuse of power we lived through during the Bush administration?Straightforward politician, Obama’s choice of Joe Biden, a notorious flip-flopper, who voted NO on increasing drug related crime penalties but YES on increasing spending to catch drug offenders, is also a poor move. Why would Obama choose someone who a few months prior openly supported Clinton and called Obama too inexperienced for the job? Obama also promised to unify the Democratic Party once he was nominated but has further polarized the party by overlooking Clinton. Her supporters now have to choose between a candidate they did not support from the start or McCain and his “everywoman.”How can we believe in someone who promises to change and unify the country if he cannot unify his own party?I look forward to taking jabs at both candidates in the coming months as they continue to try to win my support and will watch them closely as one of them hopefully does.However, I’ll probably still end up voting for Paris.