Cara justifies bad business

As a business student who, quite frankly, probably out qualifies you in the acquisition of this curricula, and who is also a devoted member of Slade environmental co-op – an excellent source of people to label as “hippies.” I would like to respond to Cara Morefields choice remarks. She implies that anyone who objects to finding a 12 page slew of fictitious propaganda against a woman’s right to abortion in their student newspaper is throwing a tantrum because it doesn’t fall right in line with their liberalist bias. Well, I sure do have a liberal bias, but it’s not like being “conservative” is synonymous with telling outright lies to emotionally vulnerable women. If it was even remotely possible that we actually had an under-population problem, or that women had abortions available to them all nine months of their pregnancy, or that birth control ’causes’ abortions, all of which were printed, I would say, fine, advertise your drivel even if I don’t agree with it. I’m pissed off because the school newspaper acted as a vehicle to distribute an excessive amount of false information concerning a very sensitive subject. Clearly, the Cynic needs funding from false advertisers, because no one else can put in for an ad that is actually selling something.