Cat Card Office employee arraigned

UVM Cat Card Office employee was arraigned today in Chittenden County Criminal Division Court on the charge of embezzlement, according to a UVM Police Services report.

Daniel Austin, who was presented with a certificate of recognition by University Police services in 2007 for his help in the management of Campus CCTV system, was charged with the crime.

An initial complaint was made July 24 regarding suspicious transactions from the University Cat Card Office. UVM Police Officer Bill Sioss responded to the complaint. The issue concerned money being drawn from individual Cat Card accounts. 

Previous to this incident, Maple Fields store in South Burlington contacted the UVM Cat Card Office due to other suspicious transactions made at their store from Cat Cards. 

An audit later revealed that $9,860 was charged to inactive Cat Card accounts by Austin. Upon further investigation, it was determined that Austin had embezzled the money from these student accounts for his personal use. 

More information will be released as it becomes available.