CD Reviews

Hi How’s it going? My name is John Mazcko and I work as the college marketing rep for Universal Music and Video. I’m also a student here at Northeastern. Anyway I wasn’t sure who to contact about this, but would you or anyone else at the Northeastern News be interested in writing CD reviews for any of the following releases? Razorlight – “Up All Night” – GREAT GREAT BAND from the UK!!! currently on tour with Jimmy Eat World, very emotional hard driving rock! Think the Strokes with gutsier singing! they also have been getting some comparrisons to the White Stripes, Franz Ferdinand etc… If someone could write a review for these guys, that would be HUGE!. Tift Merritt – “Tambourine” – Singer songwriter from North Carolina. This is a very bluesy/ gospel/ R&B tinged rock record, very soulful! Rufus Wainwright – “Want Two” – CD of extra tracks recorded during the “Want One” sessions. Set also included a Live DVD….. people have told me this is much weirder than his past work. I’ve heard that your school has a really big fanbase for this guy. Snoop Dogg – “???” – I’m not sure if I have a copy of this album around or not, but if I do I’ll send it.I have free CDs and other promo items I’d be happy to send your way. Any help at all is greatly appreciated! Let me know and thanks again! John Mazcko UMVD College Rep Boston Region