Center offers seasonal flu shots

Since mid-September, UVM’s Center for Health & Wellbeing has been offering seasonal flu shots for $15 in the Davis Center.According to Jon Porter, the director for the Center of Health & Wellbeing, more than 1,000 students have received vaccinations so far.Porter encourages students to get the seasonal flu shot as well as the H1N1 vaccinations.This year, the Center for Health & Wellbeing moved up the dates of shot administration  in order to prepare students more effectively for the flu season and make sure the staff is prepared when the H1N1 shot becomes available.Porter expects UVM to get the H1N1 shot soon. Once it becomes available, students will be able to get it free of charge.  Senior Virginia Close said she felt the accessibility of the flu shots contributed to her decision to get vaccinated. “I like how quick and easy it is to get the shot,” she said. “If it was more difficult, I probably would not have gotten it.”Other students had very clear reasons for getting the shot. “My mom told me to,” senior Margii Driscoll said. She said she also hopes to avoid missing large chunks of school during the flu season.  UVM will finish administering flu shots on Oct. 15.