Chamber pop group to play Higher Ground

Matt Pond PA will play Higher Ground on Friday, Nov. 9 along with guests, The Years Best. Matt Pond PA hails from Philadelphia, PA and their mellow rock style will be sure to delight everyone in attendance.Putting on a great live show has never been a problem for this band, their chemistry on stage is great and their performances sync up with their recordings enough to allow fans to follow, yet wander enough to keep things interesting.While they achieved much of their fame through covers of Oasis’ “Champagne Supernova” and Neutral Milk Hotel’s “Aeroplane Over the Sea” which both appeared on “The O.C.” their self-crafted music is incredibly powerful.Featuring guitars, violins, cellists and plenty of clapping parts, Matt Pond plays in and out of the indie style, with some songs bordering more on the folk-rock side and others sounding much closer to pop.Matt Pond PA (or MPPA to fans) has toured with numerous other bands, from Ted Leo and the Pharmacists to Liz Phair. Their music has helped attract a wide diversity of fans; a wide diversity they have earned.Matthew Siskin, the band’s bassist, has been chronicling his tour adventures on their Web site, Interesting asides as well as tour info regarding interviews and more can be found there.