Chirac Leads Opposition To Bush-Led Iraq War Effort

As of Wednesday Jan. 22nd, France and Germany have officially declared their opposition to a US attack against Iraq.

The current French president Jacques Chirac announced that it should be the United Nations Security Council, not the US, to instigate any military force on Iraq.

Germany’s chancellor Gerhard Schroder supported Chirac’s statement and both nations believe that an Iraq attack should be made only after UN weapons inspectors report definite evidence of nuclear weapons.

Chirac said recently in Paris, “For us, war is always the proof of failure and the worst of solutions, so everything must be done to avoid it.”

Along with China and Russia, France has also demanded that the UN weapons inspectors be given more time to complete their search in Iraq before military action of any type occurs.

Currently, NATO is reeling from France and Germany’s cautious, dove-like position. Much to the chagrin of the US, France, Germany and Belgium vetoed a US request last week that NATO protect Turkey against a possible Iraq attack.

Russia soon joined France and Germany’s call for more thorough and lengthier weapons inspections in Iraq.

While both France and Germany insist that their position on this possible war is unwavering, officials predict that Germany will most likely back down and side with a war-eager US.

For the meantime, however, the actions of France, Germany and Russia have only strengthened the anti-war movement across the world. Chirac echoed the sentiments of thousands, as he stated, “Nothing today justifies a war. This region really does not need another war.”