Class councils will merge this spring

Students who are big fans of events like the Winter Ball, Welcome Week, Senior Week and homecoming may want to prepare themselves for bigger and better events next year. The four class councils representing each of the classes are combining to create one unified council, Class Council adviser Sarah Surgala said. “By combining the class councils, the new organization will be able to focus on their core mission, which is educating undergraduate students about the importance of a lifelong relationship with UVM,” Surgala said. The change is going to allow for the councils to combine their resources, which will allow for them to work on more large-scale events, she said. The council structure will also be changing. Instead of recruitment taking place in the fall, it will be happening in the spring, Surgala said. Another major difference is that instead of each class having a president there will only be one council president, she said. “Additionally, it will provide the organization with consistency because sophomores and juniors will be exposed to the intricacies of the class gift process and planning Senior Week before their senior year,” Sugala said. General board member Ben Mervis said that he’s excited about the change because it will help class council better serve its purpose. “I think that it will really help us focus on making bigger and better events that will help reinforce traditions on campus,” Mervis said. The new organization will still remain an SGA club and work with the director of Alumni Relations, Surgala said. The primary funding for the new organization will still come from the SGA, but they will be allocating money to one organization instead of four classes, she said. “The student body will see a lot of positive changes, including joint events, more large-scale campus traditional events and more access for underclassmen,” Surgala said. The change will take place this spring for the 2011-2012 academic year, she said.