Coaches’ Corner’ radio show debut gives fans access to UVM athletics

Monday night marked the premiere of the ‘Coaches’ Corner’ radio show at Brennan’s. Chris Wojcik, the assistant director of athletic communications and UVM men’s hockey play-by-play announcer, hosted the show.The show featured interviews with men’s hockey coach Kevin Sneddon and women’s basketball coach Sharon Dawley. Also in attendance at the show was recently retired NHL player and UVM alum Aaron Miller. During breaks in the show, trivia questions were given to the crowd and there were drawings to win prizes including an autographed picture of Aaron Miller as well as a chance to be entered into a Dec. 8 drawing for a pair of Rossignol skis. “We’re able to communicate more about our program with our students and fans,” Sneddon said. Sneddon also said it was important to give fans the opportunity to meet the student-athletes and get to know more about them.”I think it will help because we’re at the Davis Center where we can actually talk to our fans, face-to-face,” Dawley said. “Our fans can ask questions right here which I think is more personal.””The coaches really wanted to find a way to give our student athletes more interaction with students and also give themselves a chance to interact more with the campus community,” Wojick said.Wojcik also spoke about the great facilities available at the Davis Center that have allowed the show to take place. “Everyone was excited to work with Brennan’s,” Wojcik said. “They were very open to it, very welcoming and because of that we were able to all come together.”Our hope is that our students have the opportunity to come out for the show and have some access to the coaches that they wouldn’t normally,” Wojcik said.Coaches’ Corner drew a strong crowd of students, fans from the community and student-athletes. The show will continue to take place on Monday nights from 6-7 p.m.