Community leaders should stand up to ensure our safety

The safety of the student body, faculty and staff is a serious issue on campus and in our community. There have been some devastating crimes in the city of Burlington like the murder of Laura Winterbottom in the spring of 2005. There have also been several shocking incidences already this semester. The Harris- Mills incident involving the assault of several female students, as well as the increase of reports of sexual based violence and assaults to the victim’s advocate. There were 16 reports of violence and assault in the month of September 2006, two years ago the average number of reports was fourteen reports per semester. Why isn’t there an uproar from of members of the University of Vermont community about these issues? As one student who feels the direct concerns of my fellow peers, I urge my fellow students, the SGA, MAC, Paradigm Project, FMLA, Bolder and Tower societies, athletic community, faculty, staff, administration, Women’s Center and all members of the University of Vermont and the Burlington Community to come together during this distressing event which affects all members of this community and do something about the violence and loss of safety. The University of Vermont and the Burlington Community need to join forces and stand up against the loss of safety in this community.