Complaints dismissed, three SGA members are cleared

The three Student Government Association members called out in Senator Aliza Lederer-Plaskett’s complaint have been cleared by two of the three units that reviewed and assessed it on April 14. Lederer-Plaskett accused former SGA President Kofi Mensah, former Vice President David Maciewicz and President Julian Golfarini of denying the students a fair election, according to the official complaint. “I was informed by David Nestor, Dean of Students, that Kofi, Julian and I have been cleared of any wrongdoing by the Student Government Association and the Center for Student Ethics and Standards [(CSES)],” Maciewicz said. However, they are still waiting for the final report from UVM Police Services, he said. “I have no doubt the results will be the same,” Maciewicz said. Mensah said that there was nothing for him to be cleared of as far as the SGA was concerned, but the first phase of the investigation by CSES found that no policies were broken. However, Lederer-Plaskett said that she thinks the University is not taking her complaint seriously. “CSES can not clear David Maciewicz, as well as the others named in the complaint, without taking into account the police report,” she said. Lederer-Plaskett said she will continue to pursue her complaint for the benefit of the entire student body. Nestor said that students have been accused of violating election rules in previous years as well. “This is the first time that I am aware of a complaint that…alleged university policy violations as well as criminal behavior,” he said.