Conversation with Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie

VERMONT CYNIC: This is your fourth term as Lt. Governor. How was this last race different than your others?BRIAN DUBIE: I figure it was not much different. I was running as an incumbent, my election was very similar. My strategy was very simple: share my record and give my assessment of the challenges. VC: What has your record been? BD: I work as a presiding officer within the Vermont senate. My record has been to serve as a person who has brought together people who face significant challenges. VC: What does your election mean to college students in Vermont?BD: Well it means that someone like myself, whose track record has been to provide more opportunity for young people, can continue to do so. Certainly I work on the ways to expand opportunity for people like you and to boost the economy in our state.VC: What was your reaction to the presidential race?BD: Well, Senator Obama has a very compelling story and I have nothing but respect and admiration for his success and I am hopeful that Americans and Vermonters can unite around the mandate he is given. Governor Jim Douglas and myself have been given a similar mandate to unite and work with others.VC: How has your background helped you work as Lt. Governor?BD: My background, I think, has contributed greatly to my assessment of the opportunities that are available. I talk a lot about how, in an airplane, you inevitably have disagreements with your crew, but in the end, you’ve got to fly the airplane. It is part of my DNA, part of my background, and I think that has been recognized by Vermonters. I think in a dark blue state, to be reelected with numbers like mine is a real vote of confidence.