Cop urinates on Tri Delta property, members claim

An undercover police officer urinated in between two cars belonging to Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) members between 11:30–2p.m. on Sept. 11, President of Tri Delta Kelsey Collins said. One of the Tri Delta members asked the Burlington Police Officer for his badge number but he refused, saying he was too busy, Collins said. “He said he was ‘looking for subjects,’ not peeing,” sophomore Tri Delta member JJ Palker said. “Then when [Megan Brady] asked for his badge number, he said he didn’t have time and walked over to Pike.” The undercover police car was parked in the Tri Delta parking lot blocking all the cars, and he did not speak to the women before leaving their property and going across the street to issue underage drinking tickets, Collins said. One of five Tri Delta members who were outside wrote down the car’s license plate number with the intention of filing a complaint, Collins said. “We want to report the police officer once we get the plates figured out,” she said. A formal complaint can be made to any member of the Burlington Police Department. If the complaint is considered serious then it would be referred to the Bureau of Internal Affairs, according to the Burlington Police Department website. According to the website if someone finds a police employee to be acting inappropriately, disciplinary action will be taken.   “Some instances require disciplinary action, which may include warnings, remedial training, suspension, demotion, or dismissal. If a criminal act occurred, the State’s Attorneys Office will be brought into the investigative process,” the website stated. Burlington Police did not comment as of Sunday afternoon.