Corrections For This Weeks Cynic

I am writing to extend a few corrections for wrong information provided in this weeks cynic by writer Andrew L. Rothberg.Corrections for article titled “Week 7: Only Three Unbeaten Teams Remain” by Andrew L. Rothberg.Rothberg wrote:”Garcia is doing a mediocre jon with the Browns, his passing rating is 79.5 and has eight touchdown passes with one ran in.”I correct:Garcia actually has a 80.7 passer rating, 9 touchdown passes, and 2 rushing touchdowns.Rothberg wrote:He (Owens) has 487 receiving yards and is season in the NFL with 6 touchdowns.I correct:Owens has 596 yards receiving and 8 touchdowns. Also the grammatical error is a problem as well.Congratulations to Andrew L. Rothberg for printing an article without any factual integrity.