Creeper caught

With CatCards, RA’s and room keys, unauthorized access to UVM dorms may be mission impossible.

However, one man still found a way.

On Dec. 12 at around 12:05 p.m., a man who is not a student and unaffiliated with the University entered the Tupper residence hall, went to the first floor girls’ bathroom and looked in on a female student showering.

UVM police identified the suspect as 29-year-old Travis Blair and said that he may have been attempting to videotape or photograph the girl on his cellphone, according to the Burlington Free Press.

First year Molly Kalaher said she witnessed a “creepy-looking man” in her building a few nights before the incident, as well as the night of.

“I noticed that he looked out of place, but I obviously had no idea what his intentions were so I didn’t do anything about it,” Kalaher said.

“The next day my RA told me about the incident,” she said. “I gave her a description of him and it matched perfectly with the description that the girl he peeked in on gave.”

Kalaher said that she is thankful they caught him.

Resident Director for the Marsh/Austin/Tupper complex Jessica Boor said these instances, though infrequent, are still possible.

Although no new precautions are being enforced throughout the dorm, safety advice given to students at the beginning of the year is being reiterated, Boor said.

“Students should help maintain the standards of safety and security that they deserve by not letting unknown people into the building,” she said.

Boor also said that students should keep keys and CatCards on them, always lock their doors and report any suspicious actions or people to their RA.

Blair is due to appear in court on Jan. 23 on suspicion of voyeurism and was also issued a campus wide trespass notice, according to the Burlington Free Press.