Crew Takes Home a Gold

UVM Crew is a club team by university standards, but all forty athletes proved otherwise on October 2nd, taking home two medals at the Textile River Regatta in Lowell, Massachusetts. The women’s first varsity eight claimed silver in the open race, and the men’s lightweight four took gold in the club race. The results of this regatta have made a bold statement about UVM Crew’s current status as a competitive collegiate crew in New England. It is a club team, but the athletes have always been motivated by training and racing like a varsity sport. Every member of the team showed their dedication this weekend. The men’s lightweight four swept their race and finished first. Many people at the race said that they simply out-worked and out-stroked their competition. The men’s varsity eight took eighth out of twenty-two in the club division and tenth out of fifteen in the open championship division. The women’s team has moved to a new level of inner-team competition and camaraderie this season. Three women’s varsity eights now span the Lamoille River in the morning, and twenty-six women raced at the Textile. The increase in the amount of women on the team is a tremendous accomplishment in itself, as only four women competed in collegiate races five years ago. The women’s second varsity eight placed sixth out of thirty-one boats in the club division while the women’s third varsity eight took fourteenth in the same race. This was an impressive finish for both boats. The women’s first varsity eight took gold in the club division last year, which required them to race in the open championship division this year. The year’s open championship had competition such as the Riverside Boat Club, a very prestigious program from the Charles River in Boston, UMASS Amherst, Colby, MIT, among other NCAA Division I schools. UVM powerfully claimed silver in this race sweeping all other college teams by almost twenty-five seconds and placing second only to Riverside Boat Club. Casey Clark, the varsity women’s coxswain, said, “I have never been in a boat that felt that good. I ran out of things to say, so I just started counting strokes.” UVM drove home from the Textile Regatta with new motivation, ambition and pride to carry them through the early mornings, lack of sleep, and future cold weather. When the frost comes and the bone chilling cold nips at their fingers and toes, they will all remember why they train hard, row hard, and race smart. The competition is talking about them because they are clearly the ones to beat.